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10 Colour and Choice

Northside Driveways can provide and install a wide range of gravel aggregate that can vary in colour and size on any driveway or patio. We use only the highest grade of gravel ensuring that you get the proper finish and colour .
There is an large range of aggregates that can be used for these type of driveways. One of the most frequent questions is “what size of gravel should I use?”.

Generally, sizes are from 5-22mm – anything smaller is too easily disturbed. Anything over 22mm can be hard to walk on. In general, 6-10mm gravel would be used for pathways and 10-20mm for driveways but it is a personal choice and one we would be happy to walk through with you.


For gravel drives, we dig to 135 or 180mm for heavier vehicles. Once dug, we will remove all weeds and other unwanted organic material. The sub-grade will be doused with a general weed killer such as sodium chlorate and then a permeable membrane will be laid on top of the sub-grade. We then put on edging restraint in if needed as the gravel can become mixed very easily with the surrounding soil or lawn causing it to spill over.

100mm of base is then put in and compacted or 150mm on a heavy vehicles driveway. Then gravel is laid to 25 Р40mm thickness. The first thin layer is compacted into the type 1 to prevent the sub base becoming exposed easily.

If you have any questions or concerns, we at Northern Driveways are more than happy to walk you through the entire procedure while laying out all the pro’s and con’s to each choice. Call now for more information.