Completed Work 2

We have just completed another project for a satisfied client. The existing area which was a narrow strip of concrete was removed. The area was widened out completely to allow for a much wider driveway. We had to re-base the entire area as we were not happy with the existing base. The garden area was based completely new as well to make sure the new driveway would be perfectly balanced and allow for a solid new driveway. We removed the existing concrete step they had as an entrance to the house and replaced it with a new matching granite step.


Once we had completed the removal and reinstallation of a new base for the driveway, we installed tarmac on the driveway. We used a granite border on the driveway to enhance the tarmac driveway. We inserted a small flower bed with a granite kerb to make sure it was wouldn’t over flow onto the new driveway.

The patio area was completely dug out and removed. We installed a new slab on it and widened it slightly out. We installed a new step as well for the customers so it would match and give them ease of access to the rear of the house as well.



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