Completed Work

Northside Driveways have just completed another project. The two driveways are shared between two neighbours. One of the driveways had imprinted concrete on it. The other driveway was just a standard concrete driveway.

We removed the existing driveways as we were not comfortable with the concrete acting as a suitable foundation for the tarmac surface. Once we removed the existing driveway we extended the driveway on the left, removing the grass lawn they had. When the entire area was set out correctly, we based it up new and compacted the new base in to make sure it would not subside.



We inserted a new driveway surface on both using tarmac. We inserted a granite border around both driveways and split both of them down the middle using a granite paving brick. We added a granite edging kerb around the entire area to emphasise the border and allow for a stepped flower bed around the outside of the driveways. When completed, we cleaned up the entire area and left it nice and tidy.



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